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Our employees believe in what SAWTST stands for, “Integrity”, to do it right the first time. This belief in why we do what we do, creates an environment that our customers can believe in as well.   

Military Veterans

SAWTST’s Executive and Senior management team is composed primarily of military veterans so we understand that our veterans bring a unique set of skills to the team. We value the expert training and leadership traits that veterans gain from their military service experience. That experience along with our training program supports your new career preparing you for the next mission with SAWTST. 

Benefits Package  Becoming part of the SAWTST team is more than just work, it’s a way of life. We provide a broad range of benefits that support our vital team needs.  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, EAP, STD, LTD and a 401K retirement plan.

Available Positions

Computer Operator III (Ref: HIF-4)

The Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility (HIF), located at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi is a unique instrumentation facility within the Water Resources Discipline (WRD) of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  The HIF supports the hydrologic data collection efforts of USGS scientists in all 50 States, Puerto Rico and several other U.S. Territories. USGS hydrologic scientists and technicians measure and monitor streamflow, ground water levels and water quality at thousands of locations. The data they collect are publicly available and are used by engineers, water managers, scientists, recreationists, and the general public for multiple purposes. HIF’s mission is to provide quality equipment and instrumentation support to its customers. The HIF facility and activities provide hydrologic instruments, equipment, and supplies for USGS as well as Other Federal Agencies (OFA) and USGS Cooperators. The HIF tests, evaluates, repairs, calibrates, and develops hydrologic equipment and instruments. In addition, HIF’s technical staff provides training to USGS and OFA personnel on the use and operation of equipment. Technical support, for the equipment stocked by HIF, is also provided to customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Perform customer service duties necessary to meet the needs of Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility (HIF) customers. Typical duties shall include: (1) answering the HIF 800 number and responding to customer inquiries, (2) processing OFA orders using the bankcard system, (3) preparing billings to OFA customers, (4) processing Other Federal Agency (OFA) orders for equipment, (5) serving as property administrator for controlled property, (6) maintaining property information in the Property Management Interface System (PMIS), (7) processing procurement documentation by scanning, inputting, and updating procurement data in the SAP B1 ERP system software, and (8) assisting customers with orders and returns.  The position requires operating a computer and the SAP B1 ERP system software to perform data input, records search, and data management.

Knowledge of USGS warehousing, inventory, and property management procedures, and the SAP B1 ERP system software is highly desired.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Minimum of Associates degree, Bachelors preferred and 3-5 years experience performing similar work listed in duties and responsibilities; SAP B1 operational experience

Clearance Level Required:


Computer Operator III
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