• Keith Jones

1 Corps' G4 COMET Team in Action

Mission Statement: Integrated within I Corps’ staff and subordinate units, the COMET Team’s mission is to assist unit staff, and leaders assigned, attached or OPCON with evaluating their units’ core competencies.


Team members of the 32ND COMET in Texas, conducted a 2 week-long staff assistance visit (SAV) of the 1-43 ADA “Cobra Strike” BN. Following social distancing guidelines, Team members Jose, Jaime, Charlotte, and Katrina completed numerous evaluations in the areas of supply, maintenance, CBRN, and physical security. The 1-43 ADA BN requested the inspection as they prepare to welcome a new BN commander. The inspections are frequently used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of logistics programs within Army Units. COMET proudly serves the 32D AAMDC logisticians, Swift & Sure!

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