• Keith Jones

Operation COVID – One Team Testing at Six Feet Apart

Under ordinary circumstances Operational Testing presents multiple challenges to the Test and Evaluation (T&E) community. As a tester it is our responsibility to capture the necessary evidence for systems to be evaluated under realistic combat conditions. During times of pandemic and mass crisis standard practices become obsolete and must be adapted on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, nothing is ordinary! Everything we are accustomed to changes and our primary goal becomes protecting one another from the harsh realities of COVID-19, while sustaining efficient mission essential services to help ensure our nations Warfighters receive the best equipment possible.

It is an honor to be deemed mission essential for the greatest country in the world, but with that honor comes risk and sacrifice. In the face of adversity many people freeze and shelter themselves from the world without the ability to perform. As the world shrinks around us the pressure intensifies and our faith is the only guiding light to normalcy. During these challenging times we lean on those around us to lift us up and keep us strong while moving forward to complete our mission.

Planning, training, and test execution requires several people performing together as One Team to ensure mission success. Travel restrictions, sheltering in place, social distancing, face masks, employee temperature readings, and curfews are all limitations that discourage people and hinder test production. To counter these concerns and limitations, we have adapted our processes to incorporate all CDC, federal, state, and test center policies into our test processes to ensure the Team is safe and able to perform our mission essential tasks. Thankfully SAWTST is a Team of dedicated professionals who care about each other and continue to perform exceptionally well through the adversity of a global pandemic.



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