• Keith Jones

VA DLC Spotlight


Employee Spotlight

I wanted to take a few moments to comment on the incredible contributions to the VA’s Telehealth mission that SAWTST Team Member John has made. Bottom line up front, The DLC simply could not have provided the level of Telehealth customer service to Veterans and clinics that we have during COVID 19 without the work that he has done.

COVID 19 resulted in a record number of Veteran care appointments scheduled by VA Video Connect and Home Telehealth IVR as opposed to in person. The warehouse has shipped two years’ worth of Telehealth items in the last three months. The number of items shipped, and contactless delivery by UPS and USPS increased the resulting returns, refusals, and stolen shipments to levels never seen before processed by the Telehealth Support Group.

John’s diligent work in insuring that Veterans received their Telehealth equipment has a direct effect on their health and their lives when the timely remote monitoring of their conditions is essential. John has response times down to a day and a half, with most responses/actions completed the same day. Finally, John has been instrumental in assisting me in multiple emergency shipping issues. ~ A. Robles—FTE Quality Assurance Specialist

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